It’s A Small World

You can’t really speak of anything Disney without mentioning what’s arguably its most magical and most loved attraction, It’s A Small World. If you’re ever at a Disney Park and for some reason you’re not quite in the spirit of things, this ride is almost guaranteed to raise your happiness level (not to mention you’ll already be in “The Happiest Place On Earth”). Taking a journey through 10 different countries with all of the characters singing the beloved song,” It’s a Small World” in their native languages this ride will take you on a trip that only Disney could craft. The creators chose a very diverse group of cultures when choosing the places to visit for this ride. its-a-small-world

Scandinavia, The British Isles, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, The Middle East, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, South America, Australia, and the South Pacific Islands are all of the places you’re going to visit on your journey. This storybook water ride will leave you in awe as you travel along in a Disney style gondola while viewing staples from each of these regions. Every detail about this ride, from the facial expressions of the characters to their attire are an attribute to the pride Disney displays in their rides and will definitely leave you amazed at the great attention to details. The creators of this ride really took their time in making sure that guests really get a great story and experience. You don’t feel rushed or hurried like with other rides. This ride is enjoyable for all ages young and old and is something you definitely shouldn’t pass up trying. I’ve been on this ride multiple times and it never gets old.

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