A Review Of ‘Frozen – Live at the Hyperion’ At Disney’s California Adventure Park

Each day at Disney’s California Adventure, the enchanted kingdom of Arendelle comes to life on stage at the Hyperion Theater. Sisters Elsa and Anna star alongside Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, and the villainous Hans in this one-hour Broadway-style production. Although condensed, the story stays true to the message of true love, family, and friendship as Elsa first fears and then embraces her powers.

Elaborate musical numbers take the audience from Elsa and Anna’s childhood in the castle through the castle doors being opened for Coronation Day. As Elsa loses control of her powers, she makes her way to the mountains where she feels free as she let’s all of her worries go. Olaf and Sven provide comical relief and one does not have to use much imagination to believe there is a reindeer and talking snowman on stage in front of them. The cast will also make their way into the aisles of the theatre to keep the audience feeling like they are truly a part of the story. The performance includes unique stage settings to transform the audience from a castle to the forest, running from wolves, and finding out how trolls know about love. Costume changes that happen in the blink of an eye create a seamless transition of Elsa from princess to the Queen of Arendelle. The audience even gets to experience the snowfall just as the townspeople do.

If you are wanting to enjoy this family-friendly Frozen show, then the Hyperion Theater can be found in Hollywood Land of California Adventure. The theater offers assistive listening devices as well as wheelchair accessibility without the need to transfer to seating. For exact times, see the Disneyland entertainment guide available online or in the parks. Enjoy your trip to Arendelle!

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