All The Easter Eggs in WandaVision

WandaVision was a refreshing new series on Disney+ that everyone needed in 2021. It is the first Marvel series that ties directly into the MCU. You have to watch it to understand things that are to come and some that have happened in the Marvel films. Like all the stories from the Marvel Cinematic Universe WandaVision is full of Easter Eggs. Although the show started out slowly for some viewer’s tastes, the real fans stuck by and supported it. Memes were made to point out the lunacy of the naysayers.

All The Easter Eggs in WandaVision

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Basically, people were confused as to what was going on in the show. People of today lost interest in the black and white format of the show. Slowly with each week more information was available to the viewers, making the show more exciting. Viewers who dropped off before episode 4 really missed out on the “big reveal” that showed more of what was going on. The show was done this way intentionally. I was seeing posts in Disney groups where someone would ask if they have to watch the MCU movie before watching the new show. The answer is “Of course you do.”

Disney+ released a new series called Marvel Studios: Legends. Each episode is only a few minutes long, but it updates the viewers on each character of the MCU. A week before WandaVision was released, they released the episodes for Wanda and Vision. Viewers who are only one-off viewers of the MCU can watch these short episodes for a refresher.

After the show premiered, it sparked fan theories every single week of what was to come. There were also dozens of Easter Eggs planted in each episode for viewers to spot to help decipher the future of the show. Here are some videos explaining the Easter Eggs in each episode.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t watched the episodes.

Episode 1: Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience



Episode 2: Don’t Touch That Dial


Episode 3: Now in Color


Episode 4: We Interrupt This Program


Episode 5: On A Very Special Episode…


Episode 6: All-New Halloween Spooktacular!


Episode 7: Breaking the Fourth Wall


Episode 8: Previously on


Episode 9: The Series Finale

What are your thoughts on the show? Was it amazing? Or were you one of the “fans” that gave up on it back in the early episodes?

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