Bambi Is Getting A Major Modern Update

Bambi has been a classic Disney movie since its original release in 1942. Bambi was Disney’s 6th theatrical release, and critics at the time called it “the crowning achievement of Walt Disney’s animation studio,” despite the fact that it lost money at the box office during its original release. After multiple re-releases though the film ending up taking in over $100 million dollars at the box office.

Bambi was based on the book Bambi: A Life In The Woods, by Austrian writer Felix Salten, which was intended for adults and not children. Walt’s daughter, Diane Disney, begged her father to keep Bambi’s mother alive, but Walt wanted to remain true to the book and left her death in the story. Walt Disney studios had even developed storyboards where Bambi’s mother was shot on screen while jumping over a log. Writer Larry Morey scrapped that idea though, and believed her death would have just as much of an impact off screen as it would onscreen. As traumatic as her death was for many children I think it’s much better that they decided not to show the death onscreen.

Now it appears that Bambi is getting a modern makeover, in the successful style of The Lion King and other CGI and “live action” updates to Disney classics. According to

“The original was a huge success,” says a (Disney) spokesman. “Considering the popularity of other live-action remakes, we’d be crazy NOT to do it.”

According to, which has broken the news about several Disney updates and live action movies:

Disney is so happy with all of its live-action remake success that the company is now reportedly in the process of rebooting Bambi for a new generation of fans.

It should be interesting to see how they will do this, especially since the original movie only contained 900 words. The line “man is in the forest” is used in the movie to warn about hunters, but at Disney Studios it took on an entirely different meaning where the staff would use it to warn people to get back to work when Walt was coming.

Another interesting fact about Bambi is that the original book was banned in Germany by the Nazis, because they thought it might be seen as an allegory to the plight of the Jewish people.

It should be interesting to see how they handle this, but let us know in the comments what you think about a CGI update to Bambi!

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