Nexflix Series: Jessica Jones

Once again the Disney Corporation succeeds in catering to both children and adults in its new Netflix Series Jessica Jones. Although this series may be more on the adult side of the spectrum, if you grew up reading Marvel comics and pretending to be the characters you read about, this series is certain to be a treat. Marvel Comics does a great job in bringing what was originally a series of comics to the big screen in a real life action filled drama. In this series, Jessica Jones, trying to rebuild her life after her short lived stint as a superhero, battles her demons from within and without. Using her abilities she tries to help those in need all while trying to escape from her arch nemesis Kilgrave. No matter how far Jessica tries to get away from her past, she can’t escape from Kilgrave’s grasp who even though can’t use his powers of mind control on her anymore, still uses it to control and manipulate the people around her instead. Luke Cage also makes a few appearances in this series. His and Jessica’s stories intertwine harmoniously in order to make the series a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Note: The Netflix series Luke Cage comes next in this sequel of amazing Marvel Comic series. Jessica Jones is an amazing series for adults and is just another reason why no matter your age, you can still love Disney.

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