The Wonderful World Of Disney Vacation Club

The Disney Vacation Club is one of the many special things about Disney, but did you know it works for more than Disney World? You can book a cruise, take a European trip or even go to Hawaii. You can do all this through Disney Vacation Club (DVC).

But wait, there’s more! As a Vacation club member, you get discounts on merchandise and food while in the parks, so if you are not able to get a dining plan, don’t worry, you’re covered. Those new Mickey ears that you need? No problem! Get a great discount by whipping out that DVC card along with a valid photo ID.

Some people think that it might not be affordable, but that is not the case. It depends on how many points you purchase. For my family, it is basically a car payment every month. It is broken down into monthly payments to make it easier on your budget. Once you meet with an advisor, they can discuss what would best fit your family. Each DVC resort costs a certain amount of points for the length of your stay. Don’t want to use all of your points in one year? They can be rolled over to use for next year’s vacation.

For example, my family stayed in the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World for a fraction of what it would cost to stay there out of pocket because we are DVC members. And the DVC rooms are not like regular rooms! You have the choice of a suite or villa and you can have multiple family members staying in the same room. Afraid you might be tripping over each other or waiting for the bathroom to be free? Not a problem with the DVC rooms that have two bathrooms. Yes, you read that right, two full-size bathrooms in most suites!

I would definitely recommend meeting with an advisor and taking a tour. You can tour the types of rooms you would be staying in and get a feel for it. And to add to the perks, because Disney knows you value your time in the parks, they give you and anybody who came with you on the tour, three additional fast passes to make up for time lost. How awesome is that? Just another way for you to have a magical day!

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