Visitors To Disneyland Paris Get A Rare Winter Treat (IMAGES)

If you’ve ever visited the Disney Parks in the United States you know that the temperatures generally range from warm to blazing hot, especially in the summertime. While they do get occasional rain they stay pretty warm year round, and Disney World is especially humid most of the year.

Guests who visited Disneyland in Paris this week however got a very special treat when it snowed inside the parks, covering the ground and decorations with a beautiful layer of white powdered snow.

The snow created a beautiful effect throughout the park, with many guests claiming that Elsa herself was the culprit.

A cast member attempted to have some fun and throw a snowball at his coworkers, and even though he missed I’m sure they were thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to play with the snow.

The characters didn’t seem to mind, and even Tigger got in on the fun, using wet floor caution signs to knock snowballs out of the air.

Genie even took the opportunity to write his name in the snow.

Luckily for guests, the snow and cold weather didn’t stop the parade from happening.

Overrall it seems that many guests enjoyed the opportunity to spend the day at Disneyland Paris in the snow.

Is snow something you’d like to enjoy while visiting a Disney Park? Let us know in the comments section!

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