Want To Get Paid $1,000 To Watch Disney Movies For 30 Days? Here’s How

Would you be willing to watch your favorite Disney movies and shows for 30 days for $1,000? What if you were also given a year’s subscription to Disney+? It sounds like a fairytale, or maybe a wish upon a star, but this is a real offer being made by reviews.org.

According to their website:

There’s no need to rub a magic lamp. And you don’t need to go on a life-altering journey to find yourself (or Nemo).

You just have to prove you’re the biggest, baddest Disney fan out there, and we’ll tuck a whole grand in your bank account. It’s up to you if you keep ‘em there or cash out the $1,000 in coins, then dive into them à la Scrooge McDuck.

Are you a true Disney fanatic? Do you know all the words to your favorite Disney songs? Do you have a list of Disney movies you could never get enough of? Do you believe in magic and happy endings? Even if all of those don’t describe you you still have a chance to win this contest.

According to reviews.org, here’s what you’ll win if you win the contest:

  • $1,000 to turn you into the main event, like no king was before. (Better brush up on your roar.)

  • A subscription to Disney+ for one whole year. That’s 335 more days you can fill with your fave characters and songs. Yasss!

  • A Disney-themed movie-watching kit. Snuggle up and ask your friend to pass the popcorn. We’ve got you covered with this cozy mouse-themed blanket, four cups that would make Mickey proud, and the cutest Pixar popcorn popper we’ve ever seen, complete with movie theater popcorn kernels.

The contest is pretty straight forward. You have to submit a video about your favorite Disney movie. I definitely plan on entering and you should too. They’re going to pick five winners, and you have until November 4th to enter, so make sure you check out their site! Click here to go there.

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